This business is a special community and I think we all owe it to ourselves to promote one another’s amazing voice.  I have had the pleasure of learning from and with some wonderful talents.  As I come upon your page, I’ll put it here.  Hugs.

Gerry Cannon – Deep, resonant, CEO-type

Sarah Kramer – Savvy commercials, natural narration, fearless & fun characters

Michael O’Brien – Incredible improviser and actor

John Patrick Walsh – Experienced, LA-based voice-over actor

Sharon Smith-Mauney – Model, actress, voice actor

Jack Pollard – Smooth, engaging and heartfelt

Ian Price – That uniquely British voice

Karen Lundin – Steady, heartfelt, and truthful (page under construction)

Cyrus Nemati – Realistic characters and breezy style

Roberta Kennedy – The playful voiceover actress

Kelly Bohan  – Professional, Sultry, Authentic and Versatile

AJ McKay – Louisville, KY-based, jack-of-all voice actor.

Aimee Ollman – San Francisco-based voice actor; your perky and raspy voiced bestie